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Hello there! It’s me Adelle, it was my first time to blog about Korea and I am so excited to share with you the recommended tourist attractions when you went there. I hope you’ll find this as your guidelines Let’s start with Seoul, a city full with history and heritage, feel the...


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I have been visiting Jeju Island for many times now but, I still feel excited every time I set foot to this island. So, what is so extraordinary about Jeju Island? For me, the place itself is magical. Nature is a natural stress reliever and you can’t go wrong when you plan to...

How well do you know Korea? Korea Blossom March 2016: A trip to remember

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I have been a tour consultant for 2 years now and I always get excited every time I am tasked to join a group. For me, visiting Korea again and again makes me an expert in terms of their culture, tourist places and the individual Koreans I worked with. It’s a refreshing moment...

Luxury Living at Ramada Hamdeok Jeju

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I went to Jeju Island for several times to join our Let’s Go Jeju Package. One of our partners-hotel is the Ramada Hamdeok Hotel which is known for its luxurious amenities and rooms. I was lucky to have experienced this comfort and extravagance. A 40 minute drive from the Jeju...

Flower Outings in Seoul

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Visit Spring Flower Festivals! See beautiful spring flowers in bloom all over Seoul. These days, it seems as though spring is shorter than ever while summer grows longer. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to take in spring’s flowers. This year, Seoul’s flowers...

Seoul City Tour Bus Guide and Usage

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About the Seoul City Tour Bus The Seoul City Tour Bus provides organized shuttle tours to the city’s most popular attractions. For the price of just a single ticket, you can spend all day hopping on and hopping off the bus* as it follows a circular route connecting...

Gwangmyeong Cave “The Land Of Gold”

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Gwangmyeong Cave On my recent trip to Korea, I got the opportunity to visit again Gwangmyeong cave in Gyeonggi-do. I was amazed with the improvements they did on this mining cave since the last time I’ve been there 2 years ago. They transformed it into an exhibition hall for...

A magnificent view of the OLED Tunnel at the Namsan Tower!

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Through LG OLED signage N Seoul Tower has been renovated and enhanced as a technologically cutting-edge cultural attraction for the digital age. N Seoul Tower is a premiere world landmark with over 10,000,000 visitors a year. Visitors here have been awed and captivated by the...

Wear Hanbok and Visit Palaces

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Hanbok Rental Shops Myeong-dong, Dongdaemun, and Gangnam are famous shopping spots and extremely popular with tourists and are usually on the itineraries of Seoul’s visitors. Seoul’s palaces are other places of interest that should not be missed. Korean heritage and...