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Unlimited 4G/LTE SIM Card

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Stay connected throughout your trip with unlimited Wi-Fi using 4G/LTE SIM Card to browse useful information and explore Korea. Enjoy a flexible package for your 5-Day trip. • Enjoy unlimited 4G connection while in South Korea • Hotspot your device and share with fellow travelers • Stay connected with Korea’s leading internet provider For as low as Php 1,200 per sim card.

Need to use loads of mobile data every day? Rent a WiFi Egg!

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If you do not need to use the voice calls and text messages but needs loads of mobile data for heavy downloading and surfing, using a WiFi Egg, or a portable WiFi Router, is highly recommended. According to a research, the average daily usage of mobile data of travelers is 125MB/day. The WiFi Egg provides 1GB a day. Using 1GB a day is like sending/receiving 28,000 emails, shooting 2,000...

“My Ex and Whys” goes SEOULsearching in South Korea

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My Ex and Whys is about a blogger named Cali (Liza Soberano), whose “Bakit List” blog is just starting to gain attention online. She mainly uses the blog to vent her thoughts and feelings about the futility of romance, much of it drawn from her experience with her ex-boyfriend Gio (Enrique Gil). But Gio is forced back into her life due to an online interaction between them that goes viral....


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Hello there! It’s me Adelle, it was my first time to blog about Korea and I am so excited to share with you the recommended tourist attractions when you went there. I hope you’ll find this as your guidelines Let’s start with Seoul, a city full with history and heritage, feel the exciting and bustling atmosphere of the surrounding with the traditional aesthetic blended well long with the...


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HOW TO APPLY KOREAN TOURIST VISA IN THE PHILIPPINES To apply a South Korea tourist visa in the Philippines is very easy if you have complete requirements. FREQUENT TRAVELERS are defined as persons who have travelled to any OECD member countries within the last 5 years. Note that unused visa doesn’t count.  The OECD member countries are US and Canada, Japan, Schengen member states, and the...