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Unlimited 4G/LTE SIM Card

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Stay connected throughout your trip with unlimited Wi-Fi using 4G/LTE SIM Card to browse useful information and explore Korea. Enjoy a flexible package for your 5-Day trip. • Enjoy unlimited 4G connection while in South Korea • Hotspot your device and share with fellow travelers • Stay connected with Korea’s leading internet provider For as low as Php 1,200 per sim card.

Need to use loads of mobile data every day? Rent a WiFi Egg!

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If you do not need to use the voice calls and text messages but needs loads of mobile data for heavy downloading and surfing, using a WiFi Egg, or a portable WiFi Router, is highly recommended. According to a research, the average daily usage of mobile data of travelers is 125MB/day. The WiFi Egg provides 1GB a day. Using 1GB a day is like sending/receiving 28,000 emails, shooting 2,000...

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